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Karma Commode Rainbow 7


Karma Commode Rainbow 7 has unique and distinctive features. The user can use the restroom without getting up from the commode wheelchair because of a tray system in the seat. The wheelchair’s toilet is shaped like a round bucket. It is a type of wheelchair that can be easily folded. It gives the user extra space, which improves their comfort. Karma Rainbow 7 has a tonne of fascinating features for elderly or physically challenged people who want a toilet in a wheelchair The Karma Commode Wheelchair includes a single seat and a center-cut commode with a removable pan with a lid and handle and a cushion cover on top. Simply slide out the cut seat to turn the wheelchair’s base into a commode. The tire and rear wheel locking mechanisms are solid tubeless.

Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 91.4 × 91.4 × 30.5 cm


 Product Name Rainbow-7
 Frame Style Foldable
 Frame Material MS
 Out to Out Width In open   Position 25 Inches
 Seat Width 17 Inches
 Total Width in Closing   Position 10 Inches
 Rear Wheel Size 23 Inches
 Front Wheel Size 8  Inches
 Seat to Floor Height In 21 Inches
 Seat Depth 17 Inches
 Back height 13 Inches
 Total Height 34 Inches
 Max user Weight Capacity 100 KG
 Net Weight 20.8 KG
 Upholstery Rexine
 Armrest Fixed
 Footrest Fixed
 Wheel Quality Solid
 Rear Wheel Lock Yes
 Hand Brakes No
 Dropback Handle No
 Wheel Type Spoke



  • The seat and pot are both constructed of plastic for ease of cleaning, while the frame is made of mild steel chromium for durability.
  • The chair is a suitable choice for most users with a seat width of 18 inches and a weight capability of 110 kg.
  • The chair is 34 inches tall overall and 19 inches from the seat to the floor.
  • The commode chair is ideal for medical use and complies with all standards.



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