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Medigrip Corn Caps

  • For removal of corns and calluses. 
  • Relief and comfort to affected area. 


The strips have a unique soft cushion ring that provides comfort to the affected area. They also have good adhesive which helps in quick and firm adhesion to the affected area. It contains salicylic acid which provides the skin with relief and comfort. 

Weight 0.01 kg
Dimensions 11.43 × 11.43 × 5.08 cm

4 strips


Composition Salicylic acid
Manufacturer Name Precision Coatings Pvt. Ltd.
Manufacturer Address EC-80, SCH. No. 94-C, Ring Road Opposite Radisson Hotel Indore – 452010 Madhya Pradesh, India 
Uses It is used for removal of corns and calluses.
The soft cushion relieves painful pressure.
Benefits Adhesive: The adhesive is of really good quality and usually doesn’t cause any allergic reaction.
Salicylic acid: This component of the strip provides the skin with relief and comfort.
Side Effects Use of these strips may lead to some minor side effects which may not require any medical attention.
Directions of Use The cap is to be placed on the corn on the skin.


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