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KnowSure Ovulation Test

With KnowSure determine your best days to conceive.
  • Find your most fertile days
  • Results within 5 minutes
  • 100% sensitivity and specificity
  • Simple test procedure
  • Easy to use, read & interpret results


Understand ovulation with KnowSure

What is ovulation?

Ovulation involves a process wherein your ovary releases a mature egg. This egg remains fertile for only 6 to 24 hours. Hence, knowing your ovulation days assists in determining the best days for increasing your chances of getting pregnant.

How does this ovulation test work?

Ovulation test detects the rise in the luteinizing hormone (LH). This process allows you to identify your body’s ovulation cycle and fertile days to increase your chances of conceiving naturally.

How to read your results of KnowSure?


Fertile days have started

  • A distinct coloured line at ‘C’ and a light-coloured line at ‘T’
  • A distinct coloured line at ‘C’ and ‘T’
  • A distinct coloured line at ‘C’ and a dark-coloured line at ‘T’


Fertile days have not started

  • A distinct coloured line only at ‘C’


Fertile days have started

  • No line in both ‘C’ and ‘T’ or no line at ‘C’ and a line only at ‘T’


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