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Glogeous Advanced Face Wash Gel

  • It acts as a cleanser.
  • Helps in lighten the acne marks.
  • Helpful in removing tan lines.


The face wash is composed of aloe vera, glycolic acid and vitamin E. These components are useful for maintaining good skin quality. The face wash helps in removing acne marks and tan lines along with this it also moisturizes the skin making it soft and smooth. 
The face wash is only for external use and it should be carefully use. It should be rubbed on your skin in a circular motion until it lathers. Wash it away after it lathers. If it comes in contact with your eyes immediately wash your eyes and if you experience any unusual symptom do inform your doctor.

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Dimensions 11.43 × 11.43 × 5.08 cm



Composition Aloe vera + glycolic acid + Vitamin E
Manufacturer Name Torrent Pharmaceutical Ltd.
Manufacturer Address Indrad – 382721, Dist. Mehsana, INDIA 
Uses The face wash is useful in following ways:
• It helps in moisturizing the skin.
• It acts as a cleanser
• Helps in lighten the acne marks
• Helpful in removing tan lines
Benefits The face wash is beneficial in maintaining good skin quality.
Storage The face wash is to be stored in a cool damp place and away from sunlight.
Directions of Use The face wash must be applied in a way advised by your doctor. The face wash must be rubbed on your face in a circular motion and should lather properly. Wash it away after it lathers with water.
Side Effects The face wash usually doesn’t cause any side effects that need medical attention. It may cause some minor side effects like:
• Rashes
• Skin irritation
• Allergic reaction
Warning The face wash is for external use only.
If you are pregnant or lactating do inform your doctor before using.
Do inform your doctor if you are consuming any kind of drug.


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