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Melalite Forte Cream

  • Treatment of melasma
  • Skin lightening medication
  • Lightens darkened skin patches and spots


It  is used in the treatment of melasma. It is a skin-lightening medicine which lightens darkened skin patches and spots(i.e. hyperpigmentation). It reduces the amount of skin-darkening pigment ,melanin, in the skin. It aids in reversible depigmentation of the skin. 

It is a skin lightening medication which works by reducing the amount of melanin which causes darkening of skin. It suppresses the activity of tyrosinase, the enzyme required to make melanin. 

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Melasma is a common skin problem causing dark, discolored patches on skin. It is more common in females than males. It helps lighten dark patches of the skin usually caused by pregnancy, birth control pills, hormone medicine or injury to the skin. It effectively blocks the process in the skin which leads to discoloration. The Cream reduces any redness, rash, pain, or itchiness caused by this condition. 

This improves self-esteem and confidence as your appearance changes.Use it as prescribed and only apply the amount you have been told to. Continue using it for as long as it is prescribed to get the best benefits. 

Side Effects 

Most side effects don’t require medical attention and disappear as the body adjusts to the medicine. Consult the doctor if they persist or become worrisome 

Common side effects of Melalite Forte 

  • Erythema (i.e. skin redness)
  • Dry skin
  • Skin burn
  • Skin peeling
  • Itching



Composition Hydroquinone (4% w/w)
Manufacturer Name Abbott
Manufacturer Address 16th Floor, Godrej BKC, Plot – C, “G” Block, Bandra-Kurla Complex, Bandra (East), Mumbai – 400 051, India 
Uses Used to treat Melasma
Directions of Use This medicine is for external use only and is to be used in the dose and duration as prescribed by the doctor. Check the label for instructions and directions before use. Clean and dry the affected area and apply. Unless hands are the affected area, wash hands after applying.


  • Make sure you read the instructions that come with the medicine before use.  
  • Avoid contact with eyes and in case of accidental contact, rinse eyes thoroughly with water. 
  • If no improvement is seen after two months of treatment, it should be discontinued. 
  • Start applying the Cream to a small portion of unbroken skin or near the pigmented area for a period of several days for checking for an allergic reaction. Discontinue if itching, excessive inflammation, or swelling occurs 
  • It may be unsafe for use during pregnancy. Human studies are limited but animal studies have shown harmful effects on the developing fetus. Consult the doctor as he/she will weigh the benefits and potential risks before prescribing it. 
  • It is probably safe for use during breastfeeding. The limited human data suggests that the drug doesn’t present major risk to the baby. 


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