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Nivea Cream

  • Multipurpose cream
  • Enriched with provitamin B5
  • Suited for all skin types


You need look no further than NIVEA Crème, the original moisturiser, if you want soft, supple, and smooth skin. This multipurpose body cream, with its thick, creamy texture, intensely moisturises, nourishes, and shields the skin from that rough, dry feeling you only too well know. This NIVEA cream, which is enriched with provitamin B5, works to offer comprehensive protective care whether you have dry skin, winter rash, chafing, rough cheeks, or chapped hands. It has been dermatologist-tested for skin compatibility, is suited for all skin types, and can be applied to your entire body when you need hydration the most. It is a multipurpose cream that functions as a body cream, hand cream, face cream, foot cream, and massage cream.

Manufacturer: Nivea India Pvt Ltd., Sm-9/1, Sanand Ii,Ind. Estate, Vill.Bol, Sanand,Ahmedabad

Weight 0.07 kg
Dimensions 11.43 × 11.43 × 5.08 cm



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