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Blue Corn Tea 100g

  • Help with mental health
  • Boosts bile production,
  • Improve digestion


Blue Cornflower is widely grown and cultivated in Germany, where the whole plant is harvested and dried. The bright blue color of the cornflower is preserved by the whole plant once it blossoms. This herb might be a good one to add to your daily routine to help with your mental health in these interesting times. This lovely little flower can be used for some of the not-so-lovely actions in our daily lives by boosting bile production, helping to improve digestion and bowel movement. German Cornflower Petals with their amazingly blue color make the perfect topping for your homemade lattes and tea blends.

Manufacturer: Wazaitoon, Dry Fruits & Spices, 67/5394,5393, Shanmugham Road, Opp. Bay Pride Mall, Marine Drive, Ernakulam

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